• CAD/CAM systems
    For dentists: CEREC Software 4.4, new grinding tools, CEREC Ortho SW, CEREC Guide 2, CEREC AF
    For lab technicians: inLab Software 15.0, new disks for inLab MC X5, inDividual TI/NPM, inDividual PF, infiniDent material VITA SUPRINITY®, VITA In-CERAM YZ HT
  • Instruments
    SIROLaser Blue 
  • Hygiene systems
  • Treatment centers
    TENEO with HD monitor SIVISION and special features for endodontics and implantology, new support arm system for SINIUS and TENEO, SIROCam AF
  • Imaging systems
    New CBCT ORTHOPHOS SL (2D and 3D), XIOS Scan, new software: SIDEXIS 4, SICAT Air, SICAT Function
  • CAD/CAM systems
    CEREC Software 4.3, inLab MC X5, inCoris TZI C
  • Instruments
    T3, T4 highspeed handpieces
  • Treatment centers
    INTEGO, INTEGO pro, new Lounge upholstery for TENEO and SINIUS
  • Imaging systems
    New software SICAT Function merges CBCT (GALILEOS/CT) and JMT (SICAT JMT) data as well as optical impressions (CEREC)
  • CAD/CAM systems
    APOLLO DI, CEREC MC, CEREC MC X, inCoris CC, CEREC MC XL „goes metal“, three new CEREC Chairside packages – Classic, Advanced and Premium, inEos X5 extra-oral scanner, inFire HTC Superspeed, CEREC Software 4.2, CEREC-Feature Smile Design, Virtual articulator, CEREC Blocs C
  • Instruments
    New quiet T1–T3 generation of highspeed handpieces, SIROInspect with clip-on filter
  • Treatment centers
    TENEO, SINIUS TS, C+ product range: new chair upholstery, analysis tool PrepCheck
  • Imaging systems
    GALILEOS Comfort Plus, intraoral sensor XIOS XG Supreme, Software SICAT Function, HiDef Panorama Sensor for ORTHOPHOS XG (optional for some devices)
  • CAD/CAM systems
    CEREC Omnicam: powder-free and provides unique color capture with detail and precision CEREC Guide, Software inLab 4 for the inLab system
  • Instruments
    SIROInspect for a safe and secure monitoring of caries
  • Imaging systems
    intraoral sensor XIOS XG, RELEASE 2 for ORTHOPHOS XG 3D

CEREC Software 4.0, In-house model milling with the inLab MC XL milling unit, Translucent Zirconium Oxide inCoris TZI, SIROBoost, the winner in performance test, ORTHOPHOS XG 3D, SINIUS, the new class in efficiency


CEREC Biogeneric: natural occlusions with just one click, inEos Blue, the scanner with bluecam technology.

  • CAD/CAM systems
    New acquisition unit CEREC AC, 3D camera CEREC Bluecam, Expanded treatment spectrum with CEREC 3D-Software, Introducing CEREC Connect outside of the USA.
  • Instruments
    SIROLaser Advance, New detection software for PerioScan
  • Hygiene systems
    DAC UNIVERSAL can now sterilize wrapped instruments
  • Treatment centers
    LEDview operating light, new features for C3+, C4+ and C5+, New colors for the C+ treatment centers line
  • Imaging systems
    XIOS Plus intraoral sensors, HELIODENT Plus intraoral X-ray system, New collimation for GALILEOS to restrict the field of view, Sirona Implant und REPORTER V1.0, new occlusal bite block for ORTHOPHOS XG Plus, Announcement of the CBCT module option for ORTHOPHOS XG 5 und XG Plus
  • Market launch of GALILEOS Compact, Sirona’s latest 3D Cone Beam Imaging System which is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the general practitioner.
  • Market launch of the TENEO Premium line of Treatment Centers, combining industry leading technology, ergonomics and design resulting in a state-of-the-art dental workflow experience.

New products:

  • CAD/CAM Systems
    New grinding units CEREC MC XL and inLab MC XL, CEREC 3D V3.00 software upgrades and inLab 3D V3.00, new CAD/CAM materials: CEREC Blocs and inCoris, sintering oven inFire HTC
  • Instruments
    SIRODoc for SIROLaser, SIROPure mini, SIROEndo Software 5.2
  • Hygiene systems
    DAC Professional
  • Treatment centers
    New design world Asia in the Sirona collection, MultiMotion headrest
  • Imaging systems
    3D X-ray system GALILEOS, XIOS intraoral sensor system, new features for ORTHOPHOS XG

Merger with Schick Technologies, Inc. Sirona Dental Systems, Inc. was listed for the first time on the NASDAQ National Exchange under the ticker symbol SIRO.


Madison Dearborn Partners (MDP) and the Sirona Management acquired the Sirona Group from EQT.

New products:

  • CAD/CAM systems
    CEREC Chairline, CEREC 3D crown update, inEos, Abutment 3D software for inLab
  • Treatment centers
    Adjustable tracking rail for assistant's element M1+ and C2+, CEREC Chairline module for M1+ and C2+
  • Instruments
    PerioScan, SIROLaser, SIROEndo, T1 LINE / T1 CLASSIC mini handpieces, IMPLANT 20:1 and IMPLANT 80:1 handpieces
  • Hygiene systems
    DAC Universal combination autoclave
  • Imaging systems
    Transversal Layers program for ORTHOPHOS XG Plus, ImplantPlus feature for SIDEXIS XG
  • Acquisition of the Chinese HTC Hipwo Group and founding of Sirona Dental Systems Foshan Co. Ltd, China.
  • Acquisition of the Danish hygiene company Nitram Dental a/s. Foundation of Japanese subsidiary Sirona Dental Systems K.K.
  • Panoramic X-ray units ORTHOPHOS XG Plus, root canal treatment handpiece SIRONiTi Air+.
  • Private Equity Firm EQT and Sirona's Management acquired the dental market leader Sirona from Permira Funds.
  • C5+ OTP treatment center, SIRONiTi endodontic handpiece, ProSmile Handy and SIROAIR L for prophylaxis, SIROPREP micropreparation tips, SIDEXIS XG, CEREC 3D, SIVISION 3 with SIROCAM 3, market launch of C8+

C1+, C3+, C4+ Treatment centers, ProFeel prophylaxis concept, CEREC inLab, SIROCLAVE


CEREC 3, CEREC Link, CEREC Scan, C2+, Profeel


ORTHOPHOS 3 DS, multi-standard turbine Click & Go


Crown software for CEREC 2, SIVISION integrated flat-panel screen


Siemens sells its dental systems division to a consortium of institutional investors coordinated through Schroder Ventures. Establishment of Sirona Dental Systems GmbH on 1 October 1997.


ORTHOPHOS Plus DS Ceph, until 2001 the world's only digital panoramic-cephalometric X-ray system


ORTHOPHOS Plus DS, the first digital panorama X-ray system.


A new generation of products: C1 treatment center, digital X-ray system, hygiene center, T1 CONTROL high-speed handpiece, CEREC 2


Market launch of the CEREC dental CAD/CAM system for the chairside production of ceramic inlays.


Sirona M1 becomes the world's best-selling treatment unit, with over 35,000 units sold in 13 years.


Following the transfer of the dental sales and development departments, all dental activities are now concentrated in Bensheim.


Introduction of the SIROLUX, a modern operating light with halogen lamp and cold-light reflectors.


SIROTESSE, the first assistant's element, designed to complement the SIRONETTE.


Siemens Reiniger Werke AG is incorporated into Siemens AG.


SIROMATIC/SIRONETTE for sit-down dentistry on the recumbent patient.


Launch of the SIRONA micromotor, the first series production motor to be incorporated directly into the handpiece. Boasting a speed range of 600-120,000 rpm, this signals the end of the Doriot.


Establishment of a production facility at Bensheim by Siemens Reiniger Werke AG - now the headquarters of Sirona Dental Systems.


The Sirona glare-free twin-panel operating light. World's first panorama X-ray system (jointly developed with Palomex)


Introduction of Europe's first air-powered turbine, the "SIRONA Turbine", rated at 300,000 rpm.


The launch of the Siemens SIRONA dental treatment unit marks the first use of the "Sirona" brand name.Introduction of the Siemens motorized chair.


Market launch of the HELIODENT intraoral X-ray system. Even at that time the importance of short exposure times for the protection of the patient was well understood.


ADJUTOR - ergonomic treatment unit, designed by Prof. Dr. Korkhaus.


TRIUMPF and ARTIFEX dental treatment units. SPRAYVIT syringe.


The "X-ray sphere", then the world's smallest X-ray unit.


The company is renamed Siemens-Reiniger-Werke (SRW)


Siemens & Halske acquires a majority shareholding in RGS A new company is formed under the name Siemens & Reiniger AG


Production begins of the REKORD, the world's first dental X-ray unit.


Just three days after the discovery of X-rays, Gebbert makes initial contact with Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the German physician who made the discovery. A few months later RGS becomes the first company to start manufacturing X-ray tubes and apparatus. RGS produces the world's first commercial X-ray unit.


The business moves into a new factory building in Erlangen on the corner of Luitpoldstrasse and Gebbertstrasse.


Encouraged by Erlangen's Court dentist, Dr. Schneider, a precision engineer at RGS, William Niendorff, builds the first electric-powered dental drill, which was soon being produced in industrial quantities.


With his two business partners Max Gebbert and Karl Schall, Reiniger sets up a mechanical engineering firm under the name "Vereinigte Physikalisch-Mechanische Werkstaetten Reiniger, Gebbert & Schall Erlangen - New York - Stuttgart" - or "RGS" for short.


Erwin Moritz Reiniger, a mechanical engineer at the University of Erlangen, takes up the manufacture of electromedical and physical apparatus in premises at Schlossplatz 3 in Erlangen.